Bandidos MC gathering

“We are the people our parents warned us about”

‘We are the people our parents warned us about’: it is with this motto that the Bandidos MC, a motorbike club from all over the world, has identified itself since its early years. And what happened in May 2022 in Limone sul Garda at the annual meeting? This worldwide spread motorbike club is part of the ‘Big Four’, i.e. the four most internationally known motorbike clubs together with the Hells Angels MC, Outlawa MC and Pagans MC. The Bandidos MC originated in Texas, more precisely in San Leon, in the 1960s and this year, not even the pandemic weather prevented them from celebrating their annual party. The setting for the rally was Limone sul Garda, which welcomed the arrival of the riders between 27 and 29 May 2022. In compliance with the rules against Covid-19, the participants managed to maintain a festive atmosphere, indulging in drinks, exchanging tips, experiences and laughing together. Motorcyclists from all over Italy had been arriving since the days leading up to the event, and the motorbike parade was symbolic, not to mention the amount of bandanas, leather jackets with emblematic patches, and smiles plastered on the faces of reunited friends.

The anniversary is a constant for the Club, so much so that every year the president of the Italian centaurs, engages in the organisation of the gathering not only to keep membership consolidated, but for the bonds and exchanges that are created on days like these.