Yellow night at Limone sul Garda

Yellow like the colour of the sun, lemons and summer: we are talking about the most fun night of the year in Limone sul Garda.
Fireworks, entertainment for the little ones and music are the three common denominators that perfectly describe this event, which will be held on 14 August in the picturesque high-gardesan setting.
And more: shopping under the same in the boutiques in the centre, events for the whole family, food and good wine all surrounded by the beautiful scenery offered by Lake Garda.

The lakeside promenade, the maze of alleyways, the old colourful fishermen’s houses, the small harbour, the picturesque lemon groves that dominate the shoreline, the shops selling local crafts and typical Garda products are just some of the attractions that the small town can offer.

The event starts at 20:00 with organised entertainment and shows. It will then continue with live music from a number of bands both in the centre and on the lakeside, ending with its most striking moment: at 11pm there will be a spectacle of reflections and lights thanks to fireworks. All nose to the ground and breathless.

Next appointment: 14 August 2022