For your electric cars

Don’t worry about your electric car or plug-in hybrid, just read on to find out where to charge it to the max to enjoy all the lake trips you can.

Let’s start with the Silla recharging stations: a perfect technology that harnesses the excess energy produced by photovoltaic systems that is fed into the grid and then used by the station to recharge each car. Prism uses a sensor to monitor your electricity consumption and the output of your solar system at all times, and the energy not used to meet your consumption is used to recharge the batteries of your electric car instead of being sent to the grid.

Where do you find them?
● Two at Camping Toscolano (Toscolano Maderno)
● One at the Garda Bellevue in Limone sul Garda.

In the case of the Gewiss columns, on the other hand, the technology used has a total power output of 44 W and is designed to perfectly recharge any electric vehicle.

Where can you find them?
● One at Camping Toscolano (Toscolano Maderno)
● One at Camping Park Garda (Limone sul Garda)
● One at the Hotel Garda Suite (Limone sul Garda)